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In the Beginning

Quicklets was co-founded in 2013 by Steve Mercieca, now proud CEO of both Quicklets (letting) and Zanzi Homes (sales). But back in that day, Zanzi Homes did not exist, and neither did much of Quicklets either. As for one whole year, Quicklets was run on solo by Steve. To date it is the only estate agency on the island that specialises in letting.

The Growth

One would think it would take ages for such a start-up to grow. Quite on the contrary, a snowball effect occured as soon as one more agent joined Steve in May 2014. By the end of that year, they increased to eight agents. By July 2015, three offices had opened and the number of agents totalled at 30. The offices then doubled to six by September 2016 with just over 100 agents. December 2016 saw Zanzi Homes’ and Zanzi Luxury Homes’ launch with its Head Offices in St Julian’s and a number of agents working in the San Gwann and Msida franchises as sales agent. By this time, Quicklets and Zanzi Homes harboured eleven offices and was already looking at opening at a further four. Reached these heights in the short span of two years.

Reasons behind the success

This result came due to the ongoing coaching of staff and teaching the company style and trends as well as our innovative back office system and networking capabilities. As this is not an international franchise, we have no one to turn to for coaching and procedures apart from ourselves. So, we have been creating each document and procedure as we go along.

The focus of both brands has been on innovation, to make the process of searching for a rental/residential property as easy as possible. Quicklets and Zanzi Homes (QLZH) carries out research on property through various portals, including SMS and a Virtual Agent (VA) concept that allows a visitor to delve into the exciting industry.

Ultimately it is about the team and working environment. It’s about conscious business and being proactive, genuine and driven. So above from focusing on real estate, the focus is on creating a sense of freedom but also responsibility, coupled with a great customer service. We do not focus on money, but rather adding value to the industry.

Innovation Within

Our interface structure, the software offered to agents, is focused on simplicity and automation. We have built our own CRM from the ground up. We offer our agents new innovative tools on a regular basis and constant updates of existing software.

The Virtual Agent Concept

The VA concept as well as the letting specialists’ friendly demeanour are the reasons why the agency is so efficient and offers a high level of customer service.

This revolutionary system as launched two years ago, and has been reaping the fruits of this innovative network to boost its inventory of properties and the way it generates leads. We then process their leads on a daily basis. Once registered, VAs can even track the updates pertaining to their leads. Due to the ongoing relations between letting specialists and virtual agents, QLZH is the first to find out about the newest properties on the market and is therefore able to offer them to its clients as fast as possible, which is also the company’s mission statement.

This is an affiliate system that allows third parties (people who are not linked with the company by employment or any other link) to create a VA account on our website. Once an account is created and a person logs into their account, they can immediately send telephone numbers through the sharing system and our agents will see the leads from the back-office system. The more automated the system is, the more time our agents have to focus on their business.

The brand enjoys over 2000 Virtual Agents generating dozens of referrals each day. Register today for letting here: www.quicklets.com.mt/va or here for sales: www.zanzihomes.com/va

Setting an Academic Standard

The growth of the business both within QLZH itself and within the industry at large has created the need for a forward-looking training programme with a focus on giving real estate professionals the opportunity to obtain the tools required to progress in their careers. For this purpose, we have launched a Real Estate Academy to co-ordinate the training requirements for our franchises.

We already hold monthly induction courses for all QLZH newbies and weekly training sessions for all real estate professionals working for both brands. To add on to the existing training, we are working on a series of coaching sessions by professionals which will then be digitally available 24/7 to all team members.

The course is to span on six months and include 50 lecturing hours, split into nine modules. Speakers will include real estate experts as well as professionals emerging from the realm of environment, planning and architecture. It is in conjunction with Lead Training Services and accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education in Malta. 

Apart from learning about the evolution of the real estate market in Malta and its economic impact on the Maltese economy, this course helps agents achieve fundamental knowledge of laws and regulations governing real estate in Malta and how to advise clients accordingly.

Aiming to satisfy the work-ethic overhaul needed in the industry, together with the public's perception on property agents, the focus of this course has been deeply rooted in revolutionising the trade of property via real estate agencies and their agents.

Environmental Commitments

QLZH is not merely focused on the business side of trade, but we want to give back to society and promote a sustainable way of life.

Be on the lookout, as some trees might get planted right next to your doorstep! We have recently planted 100 Maltese Cypress trees in Pembroke, in collaboration with ELC. After discussions with the Pembroke local council, the project has been approved as part of the company’s wider project to plant a tree with every home that is sold through Zanzi Homes.

Apart from raising awareness through the importance of green zones in urban areas, Zanzi Homes is bringing its agents closer to nature as they themselves have planted the trees. It is important for us to show what we stand up for, and that is sustainability. Real estate should not be only about property, but also about the environment we live in. We believe that development should be met halfway with clean air, uncontaminated water, green areas and in the near future, the prevailing use of renewable energy.


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